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Federal Flood Insurance Program Extended Through December 8

As the recent flood events in Texas and Florida clearly show, having a viable and functioning flood insurance product is critical to property owners and the economy. Unfortunately, the scope of the crisis is going to challenge the Congressional flood insurance discussion currently underway. To that end, Congress has acted to reauthorize the program for


Onslow County’s new preliminary flood maps are available for public review by visiting THIS LINK In the upper right corner of the screen, use the drop down menu to flip between the Effective (current) and Preliminary (new) maps. It is advisable to go to a specific property and see the impacts of the new maps.  Above

2015 General Assembly Update

HB 44 Local Government Regulatory Reform 2015 contains several very important provisions to our industry. Contains a provision inserted by BASE that would not allow for local governments to insert a definition of dwelling unit, bedroom, or sleeping unit that is more expansive than any definition of the same. Meaning that the state Building Code

Brunswick Co. Public Meeting for updates to Flood Maps

The North Carolina Floodplain Mapping Program (NCFMP) will be holding a public meeting scheduled for Tuesday, August 18, 2015 at 10:00 a.m. about the newly released flood hazard and flood risk data on the preliminary Flood Insurance Study (FIS) for the areas of Brunswick County. This meeting is hosted by Brunswick County and is regarding the

City launches new map gallery

The City of Wilmington has launched a new program that provides user-friendly map-based information from the city’s website. Citizens can quickly and easily access information from six interactive maps.   Read more


In January, Wrightsville Beach voted to hire a firm to begin the process of challenging the new flood maps, specifically for Harbor Island.   According to the Lumina News, the Board of Aldermen are concerned about “illogically high-risk flood zones for much of Harbor Island” and have been carefully and thoroughly exploring the possibility of an