Leland Archive


  After continuing the on-street parking item in their October meeting, in January, the Leland Town Council moved forward with REQUIRING structured or on-street parking in future phases or new subdivisions in the town. What does this mean? Even though you house has a garage and a driveway, the developer now has to provide 1

Leland Text Amendments

Last month Leland Town Officials took up three text amendments. The first amendment council adopted TXT 15-8548 Building Height Amendments to Sec 30-182 & Sec 30-313 raises the maximum building height from 35 to 40 feet in all of the zoning districts listed in Chapter 30 with the exception of the Conservation District.  BASE supported

Leland Undertakes Multiple Land Use Initiatives

The Town of Leland has been busy lately, opening a new Town Hall, hiring their own Economic Development staffer…and proposing a number of new land use changes which will impact your business. BASE attended the June Planning Board meeting to formally oppose a number of text amendments proposed by staff. These included: Transportation Impact Analysis: