Push Continues for Sustainable State Shoreline Funding

As you may have seen recently in local media (here or here), the push for statewide shoreline funding is continuing to build momentum. At this point, it is important to educate inland business groups and legislators on the statewide economic importance of beaches. The draft resolution below is one method our advocacy partners are employing to show the multi-billion dollar impact of our beaches on the economy of North Carolina. Know folks inland that can deliver the message to their legislators? Let us know.



WHEREAS, North Carolina is renowned for its 326 miles of ocean shoreline and barrier islands; and

WHEREAS, citizens of North Carolina and visitors derive considerable benefits from the coastal region; and

WHEREAS, beaches and inlets support millions of beach recreationists every year, provide billions in economic value through business and tourism as well as residential and commercial property value; and

WHEREAS, beaches and inlets provide a direct source of employment and generate associated jobs in the North Carolina communities east of I95.  The direct expenditures generated by the beaches and inlets amounts to $2.5 billion.  When multiplier effects are added, these numbers rise to $6.1 billion supporting almost 65,000 jobs; and

WHEREAS, the total State tax revenue from all these sectors is $188.4 million a year and the recreational consumer surplus resulting from beaches and inlets is over $214 million; and

WHEREAS, without effective planning, management and investment in shoreline infrastructure, the future of the state’s coastal communities and a significant part of the state’s economic base could be adversely affected; and

WHEREAS, it is a necessary governmental responsibility to properly manage and protect North Carolina’s beaches and good planning is needed to assure a cost-effective and equitable approach to beach management and restoration; and

WHEREAS, federal funding mechanisms for shoreline projects are becoming more difficult to obtain or ending; and

WHEREAS, the North Carolina General Assembly has undertaken a series of studies regarding the coastal economy and beach nourishment which show widespread ownership and benefits on tax revenues, as they relate to the coastal economy and the state as a whole; and

WHEREAS, the State of North Carolina updated its Beach and Inlet Management Plan (BIMP) which aims to preserve and enhance the value of coastal resources through the development of a management strategy for North Carolina’s 326 miles of oceanfront beaches and active tidal inlets; and

 WHEREAS, the North Carolina General Assembly successfully established a funding mechanism for North Carolina’s shallow draft inlets and finding sustainable funding for beaches is an immediate need; and

WHEREAS, the BIMP findings clearly justify the economic basis for the development of a state dedicated beach nourishment fund which would range between $20 to $30 million, with a minimum target of $25 million. And;

WHEREAS, this fund would create a critical funding mechanism for a statewide economic asset.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Board of Directors of ____________ supports the State of North Carolina creating a sustainable statewide shoreline funding mechanism for beaches and coastal storm damage reduction projects.


ADOPTED by the Board of Directors this __ day of ________ 2017.



XX, Chairman

Board of Directors, _________

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