Pender Commissioner Suggests Moratorium To Encourage Realtor, Home Builder Support of Hampstead Bypass

From the Wilmington Star-News:

BURGAW — The Pender County Board of Commissioners last week reiterated their frustrations with the county school board and residential developers — especially those with operations in and around Hampstead.

Commissioner David Williams, as he has done in the past, floated the idea of a development moratorium in Hampstead, this time suggesting that putting a temporary freeze to real estate development might convince Realtors and homebuilders — who have the most powerful lobbies in Raleigh, he noted — to throw their support behind the proposed Hampstead bypass.

If they had wanted it done, Williams noted, the road would already be a reality.

They have not stepped up to the plate, the commissioner suggested, because they don’t want to shoulder the blame and responsibility of such an intensively developed Hampstead.



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