MPO Guidance on Six Major Wilmington Interchanges

Recently both Wilmington City Council and the Wilmington MPO heard updates from NCDOT regarding a host of interchange projects as well as insight into the potential options for the extension of Independence Boulevard from Randall Parkway to MLK.

For the intersections, six major grade separated interchanges were highlighted:

  • MLK/Eastwood/Market
  • MLK/Kerr
  • MLK/College
  • College/Oleander
  • College/Carolina Beach Rd
  • Military Cutoff/Eastwood

The MPO Board will vote in March on guidance for the MLK/Eastwood/Market and Military Cutoff/Eastwood interchanges. It is anticipated that the MPO will be voting on resolutions supporting DOT’s recommendations.

A link to an edited presentation can be found here: NCDOT interchanges presentation

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