Governor’s New Transportation Planning Initiative Underway–Wilmington MPO Ranks Local Projects

sti projects

The Strategic Transportation Investments (STI) is a new formula to determine how the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT), in partnership with local governments, will fund and prioritize transportation projects in the state of North Carolina. The TAC has the ability to assign 1,500 points at the Regional tier and 1,500 points at the Division tier under the Prioritization 3.0 process.

On July 23rd the Wilmington MPO’s Transportation Advisory Committee approved a draft assignment of Local Input Points for the Regional and Division tiers of the STI. Please find a link to the approved draft assignment of local input points HERE

Following the approval of the draft assignment of points, the TAC opened the public comment period to receive feedback. The Wilmington MPO will receive public input on this assignment of local input points until the TAC meeting at 3:30 pm on August 27th. There will also be a public comment period at the TAC meeting on August 27th in which the public is invited to provide comments on this information. The TAC will take formal action to approve a final assignment of local input points (following the receipt of public comment) on August 27th. The final assignment of points is required to be submitted to NCDOT by the close of business on August 29th.

Below is a link to a mapping tool developed by NCDOT that displays all transportation projects submitted for STI consideration. The link will take you directly to Onslow County; however, you can zoom in and out to gain a better understanding of local/regional/statewide context.

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