Brunswick County Proposes Simple, Single Permitting Fee, Fewer Planning Fees

BOLIVIA, NC – Brunswick County’s proposed fiscal year 2014-15 budget includes a new building inspection fee schedule, intended to simplify the process for builders and help the county continue to move more of its building and permitting processes online, and fewer planning fees.

The suggested fee schedule a rate based on the amount of gross square feet under the building’s roof. All trade permit fees are included in the one rate, reducing permit processing time for central permitting staff but also making it easier for builders to calculate the cost of construction before beginning the project and ensuring codes align with state statutes and building codes.

While the overall permitting fees will be revenue neutral, the fees for residential buildings smaller than 2,500 square feet would be less than they are under the current schedule. Commercial buildings smaller than 5,000 square feet will also typically pay less under the proposed fee system.

The proposed fee schedule also includes flat-rate fees for more minor work, such as appliance equipment change outs. While such work previously might have required different permits for plumbing, electrical and/or mechanical aspects, all trade permits would be included in the one flat fee.

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