2012 Local Post Election Results

Below is a 2012 post election wrap-up that will highlight many of the results here locally. Please bear in mind that these results are still unofficial, as there are still some provisional ballots that need to be counted and the official canvass want happen until next Friday, November 16.

BASE would like to congratulate each candidate and we look forward to working with them in the very near future.

Election Summary

Governors Race – Pat McCrory (R)

NC Commissioner of Insurance – Wayne Goodwin (D)

US Congress Summary:

U.S. House District 7 – Rep. McIntyre (D)

(Note: Rep. McIntyre is currently up approximately 500 votes so a recount is likely)

U.S. House District 3 – Rep. Walter Jones (R)

NC Senate Summary:

N.C. Senate District 8 – Bill Rabon (R)
N.C. Senate District 9 – Thom Goolsby (R)
N.C. Senate District 6 – Harry Brown (R)

NC House Summary:

N.C. House District 14 – George Cleveland (R)

N.C. House District 15 – Phil Shepard (R)

N.C. House District 16 – Chris Millis (R)

N.C. House District 17 – Frank Iler (R)

N.C. House District 18 – Susi Hamilton (D)

N.C. House District 19 – Ted Davis (R)

N.C. House District 20 – Rick Catlin (R)

Pender County Commissioners Summary:

District 4 – Fred McCoy (R)

District 5 – Jimmy Tate (D)

Brunswick County Commissioners Summary:

District 3 – Pat Sykes

District 4 – Scott Phillips

New Hanover County Commissioners Summary:

Woody White (R)

Beth Dawson (R)

Jonathan Barfield (D)

Onslow County Commissioners Summary:

Jack Bright (R)

Paul Buchanan (R)

Barbara Melton Ikner (R)

W.C. Jarman (R)

Lionel Midgett (R)

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