BASE News Roundup

We wanted to provide you with a quick news roundup to update some of the most important issues on our radar.   At the federal level, click below to read about the White House threatening a veto of GOP bill to kill Waters of the US rule (The Hill)   In addition to operating

House votes unanimously to end protected highway corridors

From WRAL-@NCCapitol: By Mark Binker RALEIGH, N.C. — The state House has voted 114-0 to curb transportation officials’ ability to set aside land for new highways without paying for it. A 1987 law known as the Map Act allows the Department of Transportation to draw corridors for future highways. Land that falls in that corridor

Updated New Hanover County Future Land Use Map

New Hanover County just released an updated draft future land use map. We would like to thank you for your input and feedback as we navigate through the stakeholder meetings.  We will continue to provide updates as we move along the process. To view the information from the County’s website, click HERE. To view the

Town of Shallotte Planning Board Proposing UDO Text Amendments

The town of Shallotte Planning Board will be voting on text amendments to their Unified Development Ordinance at their next meeting on April 14, 2015.  Amendments of interest include: -P&Z#15-001: UDO Text Amendment, Section 10-1, Table 10-2 Table of Permitted Uses:  Staff is seeking to modernize the list of current permitted uses. -P&Z#15-015: UDO Text

Required Neighborhood Meetings-Town of Oak Island

The Oak Island Town Council will be voting on requiring Neighborhood Meetings for proposed major subdivision or land use change at the April 14th meeting.   This proposal was suggested by a member of Town Council and was recently approved by the Town Planning Board.  Neighborhood meetings are common in many new Unified Development Ordinances (including

Predicting The Coast’s Future

Sea-level rise remains an abstract concept in the minds of many. But the reality of the issue is likely to hit home sooner than many people think. It’s up to groups such as the N.C. Coastal Resources Commission to get the word out and provide information that helps the public understand what’s at stake without

NC science panel’s draft sea level rise report released for public comment

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - According to the history books, sea level has been rising in North Carolina over the last few centuries. While the cause is still unknown, the rate of rise shows no signs of slowing. The N.C. Coastal Resources Commission’s Science Panel has released for public comment a draft of the five-year update


Policies that encourage homeownership, keep insurance rates at affordable levels, and boost property values are vital for millions of working families. That’s why BASE supports the North Carolina Homeowners Alliance. It’s common sense. Fair insurance rates, tax policies that encourage homeownership, and community investments that preserve our state’s history are important to the property owners of

Via StarNews: “Proposal calls for study of Cape Fear River water usages, future demands”

RALEIGH | As communities grow throughout the Cape Fear River basin, a bill recently introduced in the N.C. General Assembly calls for a study of how rising water demands will affect the basin’s long-term supply. House Bill 186, also called the Cape Fear Water Resources Availability Study, asks the state Environmental Review Commission to study the

President Obama Issues Executive Order on Floodplain Development

In addition to the sea level rise work underway at the state level in North Carolina, the federal government is also wading into the issue with President Obama’s recent Executive Order 13690 (EO), creating a Federal Flood Risk Management Standard (FFRMS) for federally-funded or federally-approved projects that will expand the definition of “floodplain” and will