he US Postal Service formally notified municipal planners of changes to their policies on cluster box mailboxes. The new regulations will primarily affect new development. These are some of the new reguations that were rolled out this year.

  • Centralized and Cluster Box Units (CBU’s) delivery is now the default mode of delivery in business areas.
  • For new residential delivery, CBU is now the default. Exceptions to permit curb line delivery must be approved by the District.
  • New deliveries within an existing block with an established mode of delivery no longer assume the existing mode of delivery. We can require a more efficient mode of delivery.
  • While we do not control addresses for buildings, we do control the sequential ordering of addresses within any centralized delivery equipment.
  • If more than one building in a complex has the same street address, the delivery equipment must be grouped at a single location even if some of the units are in a different building.
  • Centralized delivery or CBU is the default option for delivery in mobile homes or trailer parks that are permanent residences. Any exceptions to centralized or CBU delivery mode must be approved by the District.
  • Delivery equipment must conform to USPS standards for CBUs and high-rise delivery equipment, USPS STD 4C wall mounted mail receptacles. Local offices do not have the authority to approve anD other centralized delivery equipment.

You can read the Postal Service’s builder and developer information packet and their letter to municipal planners by following the link below,

Municipal Guide for Centralized Delivery