Minimum Design Criteria Workgroup

Over the past year BASE has been a part of the Minimum Design Criteria (MDC) subcommittee created from session law last year sponsored by Rep. Chris Millis.  The committee was tasked to come up with language to allow fast-track permitting for stormwater that encompass siting, site preparation, design, construction, and maintenance of stormwater best management practices.  The subcommittee was made up of DENR individuals-state and regional-as well as people from the industry, engineers, NC State, UNC, and environmental consultants.  The ultimate goal of this is to create a more streamlined approach to stormwater permitting.  The committee concluded their monthly meetings last month.  Next the draft rules will go before the Environmental Management Commission (EMC) as an agenda item first, then in the following month as an action item for approval.  If the draft rules are adopted, there will be a fiscal analysis determine if a fiscal note is needed and if so, one will be prepared.  In January 2016, the EMC will have the opportunity for final approval of the rules and fiscal note (if needed).  The rules will go out for public comment and hearings.  The public comment period would end in April 2016.  Finally, the EMC would adopt the final set of rules in July 2016.   *Note, this is the tentative timeline for the adoption of the rules.

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