Leland Council Nixes $1 Inspection Fee

As a way of attracting business to the area, Leland town officials reduced the town’s inspection fee to just one dollar last year. This was a bold move and more than likely had an positive impact on our members’ bottom lines. However after careful consideration of this year’s budget and the town’s overall finances the council has decided to end this formula and has increased the permit fees to a more pronounced rate.

Now, a building permit for a residential heated area (the most expensive of the schedule) will use the following multiplier of $0.45 x Square Footage. So for example the inspection fee on a 2500 square foot house will cost roughly $1125. We would note that as of two years ago the town had some of the highest building permit fees in the area and would have been nearly double the current fee of $1125. You can view the full permit fee schedule here.

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