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MPO Guidance on Six Major Wilmington Interchanges

Recently both Wilmington City Council and the Wilmington MPO heard updates from NCDOT regarding a host of interchange projects as well as insight into the potential options for the extension of Independence Boulevard from Randall Parkway to MLK. For the intersections, six major grade separated interchanges were highlighted: MLK/Eastwood/Market MLK/Kerr MLK/College College/Oleander College/Carolina Beach Rd

Pender Collector Street Plan In Process

An efficient transportation network is critically important to the region’s prosperity. However, the Pender County Collector Street Plan needs your attention if you own property or have investments, especially along the Highway 17 corridor. The plan is accelerating quickly toward approval with Planning Board review and update on 2/2, Board of Commissioners Public Hearing on

Two Major Transportation Initiatives-SC 31 Extension/Highway 74 Study

Two major transportation initiatives have seen forward momentum recently—both of which will have major impact in Brunswick County. SC31: The extension of SC31 into North Carolina has been a major discussion topic at the last few regional transportation planning meetings. Both North Carolina and South Carolina are committing to spend funds to complete the environmental

House votes unanimously to end protected highway corridors

From WRAL-@NCCapitol: By Mark Binker RALEIGH, N.C. — The state House has voted 114-0 to curb transportation officials’ ability to set aside land for new highways without paying for it. A 1987 law known as the Map Act allows the Department of Transportation to draw corridors for future highways. Land that falls in that corridor

N.C. Appeals Court says state must pay landowners, takes shot at Map Act

You may recall BASE addressing the Corridor Map Act during the 2011 General Assembly via SB214. This bill limited the amount of time that land could be encumbered by the Map Act and was signed by the governor as SL2011-242. Recently, the NC Court of Appeals took up the issue as well. From the Winston-Salem