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With Veto Overrides, General Assembly Creates Shoreline Fund and Stormwater/Redevelopment Relief

Governor Roy Cooper vetoed S16 in August and in September announced his veto of H56. In recent sessions, large omnibus bills like H56 and S16 have been the principal legislative vehicles—functioning by combining a number of smaller issues into a larger bill. Unfortunately, if the entire bill is vetoed, this means all the individual provisions are

Legislature Meets on River Water Quality, GenX

In addition to the GenX funding in H56, the legislature has continued discussions regarding both GenX specifically and North Carolina’s river water quality generally. The House Select Committee on North Carolina River Water Quality met on September 28 in Raleigh. Chaired by Rep. Ted Davis, Rep. Frank Iler and Rep. Holly Grange, the committee heard

Congressman Rouzer Speaks at BCAR

During the February Congressional recess, the Brunswick County Association of REALTORS held their annual legislative breakfast, which was facilitated by BASE and featured Congressman David Rouzer. Congressman Rouzer gave updates on a number of specific national issues including tax reform and health care reform. Having recently returned from a trip to the border in Texas,

Push Continues for Sustainable State Shoreline Funding

As you may have seen recently in local media (here or here), the push for statewide shoreline funding is continuing to build momentum. At this point, it is important to educate inland business groups and legislators on the statewide economic importance of beaches. The draft resolution below is one method our advocacy partners are employing

Beach Nourishment in the State Budget

With the General Assembly moving quickly toward adjournment, the main point of discussion has been the proposed budget, which had to get worked out between the House and Senate. The conference report budget is now available (full link), and contains a number of important provisions regarding transportation funding, international business recruiting, economic development, education and

“Enhanced” Stormwater Rules Heading to Public Hearing

NC Department of Energy, Mineral and Land Resources (DEMLR)  staff has “worked with stakeholders to draft new stormwater rules” that reflect the new Minimum Design Criteria and Fast-Track Permitting Process required by S.L. 2013-82.  At the same time, they updated all of the stormwater rules in accordance with G.S. §150B-21.3A which directs state agencies to review and update

2015 General Assembly Update

HB 44 Local Government Regulatory Reform 2015 contains several very important provisions to our industry. Contains a provision inserted by BASE that would not allow for local governments to insert a definition of dwelling unit, bedroom, or sleeping unit that is more expansive than any definition of the same. Meaning that the state Building Code

2015-2016 Budget Approved and Signed by the Governor

The House and Senate approved a $21.735 billion budget agreement.  There are many aspects to the budget but from Coastal standpoint there has been monies set aside for dredging our shallow draft and deep draft inlets.  There is also a provision to allow up to 6 terminal groins that could be approved within the State.  The

House votes unanimously to end protected highway corridors

From WRAL-@NCCapitol: By Mark Binker RALEIGH, N.C. — The state House has voted 114-0 to curb transportation officials’ ability to set aside land for new highways without paying for it. A 1987 law known as the Map Act allows the Department of Transportation to draw corridors for future highways. Land that falls in that corridor

Via StarNews: “Proposal calls for study of Cape Fear River water usages, future demands”

RALEIGH | As communities grow throughout the Cape Fear River basin, a bill recently introduced in the N.C. General Assembly calls for a study of how rising water demands will affect the basin’s long-term supply. House Bill 186, also called the Cape Fear Water Resources Availability Study, asks the state Environmental Review Commission to study the