All Subdivisions/Phases Plan for Centralized Mail Delivery

Instead of enabling delivery to individual homes, USPS has decided that “centralized delivery” is a more efficient way to provide mail service. USPS changed the Postal Operations Manual in 2012, removing the ability for the developer and Postmaster to make a joint decision on means of delivery. Now, developers wanting to provide mail service need to call the Postmaster to determine what means of delivery will be provided in each subdivision.

In June, Congressman Mark Meadows and NCHBA set up a meeting with representatives from the USPS Greensboro District Office which covers Raleigh, Triad and western NC. USPS District representatives were largely dismissive of the timelines, planning, approvals and permits that govern residential development. Their position is that the rules changed in 2012 and all new phases and subdivisions will be going to centralized delivery. Per Greensboro District Manager Ronnie White: “As a general rule, folks should plan on a one-stop delivery center going forward.” BASE is working to set up a meeting with the USPS Mid-Carolina District Office in Charlotte to see how the rules will be implemented in our area. PLEASE CALL BASE IMMEDIATELY IF YOU RUN INTO THIS ISSUE.

BASE has set up an informational site, devoted just to this issue. CLICK HERE

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