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Legislative Affairs

BASE Governmental Affairs Directors act as advocates for the development industry and closely monitor activity at the state, regional and local level from the North Carolina General Assembly to city and county meetings - anything that affects the growth and development industry.

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Development Industry

Credibility, Leadership, Expertise..... BASE has a single mission to promote public policies which encourage economic growth, job creation and a healthy real estate, homebuilding, land use and development industry.

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"Unbelievable! BASE was there for us at the beginning, middle, and end providing us with key information and foresight…It's great to see there are organizations like BASE out there that are willing to go the extra mile to satisfy their members." - Jon Vincent, JTV Business & Management Consultant

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 "Well worth the money! I’ve been working in this industry well over 20 years, and this is the lowest cost, highest value work I have ever seen. I always knew the regulatory pressures that our industry faced, but at least now I know that there is an organization fighting and winning on our behalf." - Kevin Hine, Duplin Land Development, LLC, Exec. VP/GM River Landing

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“BASE has been one of the best business decisions I have made!  There is no other organization like BASE that covers such a broad area of issues that affect both residential and commercial interests.” - Steve Niemeyer, CEO Wrightsville Builders

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Carolina Beach Council Adopts Resolution On Proposed Changes To EPA Waters of US Rules PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 18 August 2014 12:18

"The Town of Carolina Beach has adopted and maintains policy that opposes legislation to expand Federal jurisdiction under the Clean Water Act unless the associated costs are born solely and entirely by the Federal government and its agencies and not levied as an unfunded mandate on the public and private sectors" and "much of the anticipated cost of this rule would be financed from municipal resources, and thus divert resources from other essential public services"

The proposed resolution states the Town wants the, "EPA and the Corps of Engineers suspend consideration of the Waters of the U.S. rule until local governments and other stakeholders are engaged in drafting a rule that addresses to the satisfaction of local governments and other stakeholders the full economic impact for all sections of the Clean Water Act beyond Section 404 (e.g. Sections 301, 311, 401, 402); incorporates the conclusions of the Science Advisory Board;, and addresses the concerns of other federal agencies with water management and regulatory responsibilities affected by such a rule."

Read the full story at the Island Gazette herehere
Brunswick County Proposes Changes to Development Approval Process PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 18 August 2014 10:06
The Brunswick County Planning Department is working on revisions to the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) to further streamline and clarify the procedures and requirements. Proposed revisions to the Development Approval process are a key element of this effort. Members of the development community and the public were encouraged to attend a review session in August to discuss the draft Development Approval Proposal (below). If you have specific comments, please contact BASE IMMEDIATELY. 

PROPOSED Development Approval Process 
Proposed Building Permit Issuance Requirements (existing parcels)
1. All County requirements met and approved by applicable departments. 
2. All applicable state and federal approvals/permits obtained. Except as specifically referenced in County ordinances, applicant responsible for ensuring compliance with outside agency requirements. 
3. Building permits issued upon substantial completion of required infrastructure improvements.  
Option: Issuance of building permit prior to substantial completion of required infrastructure improvements, or obtaining all approvals from outside agencies, subject to:
a. Recorded agreement between County and Owner specifically limiting scope of building permit to shell only. 
b. Access acceptable to County Emergency Services for emergency vehicles must be provided. 
c. No further building permits beyond shell until substantial completion of required infrastructure improvements. 
d. Certification acceptable to the County that required infrastructure improvements will be completed a minimum of thirty days prior to completion of the building. 
4. No certificate of occupancy issued until all required improvements completed. 
Proposed Subdivision Recordation & Building Permit Issuance Requirements   
1. Approval of detailed preliminary subdivision plat, including required plans and specifications, upon meeting all applicable County, State and Federal requirements.   
2. Approval of final plat upon completion of required infrastructure improvements, with the exception of the final lift of asphalt. Surety acceptable to the County required in the amount of 150% of the engineer certified cost of the final lift of asphalt. 
3. Building permits issued upon approval of final subdivision plat.  
Option: Issuance of building permit prior to final plat approval subject to:  
a. Approval, or conditional approval, of detailed preliminary subdivision plat. 
b. Recorded agreement between County and Owner limiting building permits to no more than two  model units. 
c. Water and sewer service approved by the County required for certificate of occupancy; must be available in at least one unit on site.   
d. Access acceptable to County Emergency Services for emergency vehicles must be provided. 
e. Required infrastructure improvements must be substantially complete for additional building permits.
4. Final plat approval and recordation required for transfer of lot ownership. 
Required infrastructure shall mean water, sewer, stormwater, roadway or other improvements shown on the approved plat.   
Substantial completion shall mean water and sewer mains at the property certified by NCDENR and service lines to the building site, pump station 50% complete (if required); stormwater collection and storage facilities 50% complete; base material installed and graded on roadway, parking and driveway areas.  
Shell building shall mean building exterior and basic structural elements (including HVAC system if needed for climate control); and, shall NOT include interior walls (other than load bearing), wiring (other than required for HVAC system or by Fire Marshal), or plumbing (other than sleeve stub outs and fire protection).
Waters of the US Rules Will Impact You! PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 05 August 2014 13:29

BASE is working daily to continue to educate our members, local governments, allies and the general public about the proposed changes to Waters of the United States and “wetlands” rules. These rule changes, proposed by the EPA and US Army Corps of Engineers in April, would have a significant impact nationally but especially in southeastern North Carolina. THE MOST IMPORTANT THING TO KNOW: the rules will impact not just rivers and streams BUT ALSO ditches (!) and areas of dry land which may be near rivers, oceans and wet areas.
One environmental expert called the rules the biggest expansion of EPA regulatory jurisdiction since the Clean Water Act was signed into law by President Nixon. The scientific report on which the rules are based suggests a significant expansion of what constitutes a wetland. Instead of meeting all 3 criteria (soils, hydrology and vegetation), a wetland would only have to meet 1. To illustrate how this would impact our area, the map above shows areas in NC that have soils that would qualify them as “wetlands” under the proposed rules. 
In addition to this change, the new rules create new terms such as tributary, neighboring and adjacent and would expand regulation into dry areas including ditches. When you consider the change to “wetlands” and the expansion of new terms and jurisdiction, there is significant reason for concern.
WE NEED YOUR HELP! Educate your business partners, landowners and others in the industry. Provide BASE with specific examples of how this rule will impact land, property and future investment. Public comment is open until October 2014. For more information, go to 
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