2017 Municipal Elections: Early Voting Starts October 19

As you may have noticed by the growing number of signs on area roadways, campaigns have kicked off in earnest for 2017 municipal elections. There are a number of important new candidates and business friendly incumbents running this fall. From Wilmington City Council and Leland Mayor, to BASE Board member Wilson Sherrill running in Sunset Beach, there are critical elections across the region. Early voting starts on October 19. Get out and support candidates that support business.

Please know that voter turnout is expected to be very small for this off-year election and your vote counts. For example, for the Wilmington City Council elections in 2015, only 89 votes elevated Paul Lawler to office over Deb Hays. That’s a margin of less than half of a percent. In fact, in that 2015 race, the winners received between 2000-4000 votes total–out of the 100,000+ voters in Wilmington. For the 2017 elections, the vote totals will likely be similar, but the long term impact will be higher, as the next City Council will approve the new land development ordinances which will set the policies that will dictate the next several decades of growth and investment in the City.

This is one example in Wilmington. Vote totals in Leland, Ocean Isle, Sunset Beach, Holly Ridge, Jacksonville and other communities will be smaller—yet the outcomes will be just as significant.

Your support of business friendly candidates is critical. The associations that we have advocacy partnerships with have spent a tremendous amount of time identifying business friendly candidates across the region. Need more information about a candidate? Let us know. Need to check your registration? Click here.

In the meantime, get ready to vote starting October 19. Our region—and your business–depends on it. 

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